Weekly Events

We currently don't have any events planned for April 2019, please check back soon for updates.




The Wimbledon Acoustic Sessions

8.00PM - 10.00PM

Fancy a chance to sing, play or just sit and listen? Each month the Hand hosts the Wimbledon Acoustic Music Session where you can do just that. A fixture for over ten years, the sessions are run by Greensleeves Morris Men with the enthusiastic support of honorary Morris man Andrew.
The songs and music are a complete mixture: folk, music hall, shanties, self-penned, parodies, pop, rock, blues, musical theatre or film, plus there is sometimes story telling or poetry. Instruments that feature include melodeons, guitars, fiddles, concertinas, pipes, whistles, harmonicas, drums, bodhrans, washboards, shaky fruit, serpents and once a trombone. The sessions give everyone a chance to perform a couple of times a night if they wish.
The sessions start promptly at 8.00pm on the last Sunday of each month

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