Weekly Events

Every Saturday

Doggie Dinners
It's that time of the year where our furry friends are treated to a two course doggie dinner! Doggie dinners are available all day from Monday- Saturday. All doggie dinners are homemade and created with the freshest dog friendly ingredients for the happiness of your four legged fur faces!

Every Tuesday

John Spains Super Quiz
Join us every Tuesday from 8pm for John Spains Super Quiz. A mental Workout guaranteed! Booking advisory, Let's get quizzical!




Daisy Dog turns Daisy Claus

12.00PM - 2.45PM

Our Assistant manager and Head chef, Christine and Elzie, will be running the London Santa Run! Daisy will be making a special appearance as well, dressed as none other than Miss Daisy Claus!


Meet The Brewer- Wimbledon Brewery.


Join us for a night of beer tasting with a twist. On the 5th of December, in association with Wimbledon Brewery, we will be making Christmas wreaths. All proceeds will be donated to the Wimbledon guild.


Man vs Santa

8.00PM - 9.30PM

We are delighted to announce the return of the highly anticipated “Man vs Santa” challenge! Back for its 5th year Man vs Santa will be laying down the gauntlet to the most passionate pie eaters from across the capital. We will be bringing in three different choirs to sing us Christmas carols throughout the night, as well as various stalls.

Santa may hold the record for the most mince pies eaten but as we don’t have the whole night, challengers from across London will gather at The Hand in Hand for the annual Man vs Santa, mince pie eating competition.
Entrants will fly through as many of the festive treats as possible to the eighties classic, Eye of the Tiger. There will be a £3 charity registration fee.


The Wimbledon Acoustic Sessions

8.00PM - 10.00PM

Fancy a chance to sing, play or just sit and listen? Each month the Hand hosts the Wimbledon Acoustic Music Session where you can do just that. A fixture for over ten years, the sessions are run by Greensleeves Morris Men with the enthusiastic support of honorary Morris man Andrew.
The songs and music are a complete mixture: folk, music hall, shanties, self-penned, parodies, pop, rock, blues, musical theatre or film, plus there is sometimes story telling or poetry. Instruments that feature include melodeons, guitars, fiddles, concertinas, pipes, whistles, harmonicas, drums, bodhrans, washboards, shaky fruit, serpents and once a trombone. The sessions give everyone a chance to perform a couple of times a night if they wish.
The sessions start promptly at 8.00pm on the last Sunday of each month

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